By Arjay L. Balinbin, Multimedia Editor

CURATING moments of joy and surprise is the driving force behind M Proposals MNL, a wedding proposal planning company that hopes to expand all over the country, its founder Carmela Denise A. Alcordo said.

“We researched this several years ago, and until now, we’re the only one doing this full time,” Ms. Alcordo said in an interview with BusinessWorld.

Her journey started during high school in Batangas when a feasibility study project sparked her entrepreneurial spirit.

“Our teacher asked us to do a feasibility study, and what I did was create an events company. I saw that it was a viable business and something I could do.”

“So I started with weddings, debuts, social and corporate events. And then, right after I graduated, I went to a corporate job, and I saw there was potential in proposal planning because I saw one of those showbusiness proposals, and I saw it usually goes viral (on social media platforms),” she added.

The transition from general events to a niche as specific as proposal planning was not without its challenges.

“I didn’t have a business model to guide me; everything I created was based on my experience,” Ms. Alcordo said.

“It was challenging but exciting to really come up with a business that is unique but with a lot of opportunities and potential.”

M Proposals also experienced an unexpected surge in inquiries during the pandemic period, reaching an average of 10-20 per day, Ms. Alcordo added.

She said that the demand could be attributed to the hunger for surprise-filled proposals and the convenience the company offers to busy clients.

“We cater to overseas Filipino workers, nurses, executives, CEOs — people who lack time to conceptualize proposals.”

At the core of M Proposals lies the art of personalization.

Ms. Alcordo detailed the process: “From significant details to shared hobbies, we use these elements to conceptualize a proposal perfect for the couple.”

She recalled a flash mob proposal in a busy street, saying, “The unforgettable moment was the girl’s reaction.”

“She dreamt of this her whole life but didn’t expect her boyfriend could do it to her.”

Such moments, she said, epitomize the emotional impact M Proposals aims for, resonating not just with the couple but also the surrounding audience.

M Proposals embraces diversity through ready-made proposal packages starting from P30,000, Ms. Alcordo said.

Options like the hotel proposal, complete with decoration, cocktails, and an overnight stay, or the scenic lush proposal, offering breathtaking views, cater to varied preferences, she noted.

The inclusivity extends to LGBTQ couples.

While M Proposals does not have specific packages for them, Ms. Alcordo said, “They’re unique, [and] we give them the creativity they require.”

“Basically, we really cater to their requirements because they’re really unique and glamorous, and I like that,” she added.

As M Proposals continues its journey, Ms. Alcordo envisions expanding to different Philippine destinations and partnering with international companies.

“Clients ask about proposals in other locations like… Singapore,” she said.

This aligns with her ultimate goal — making M Proposals a well-known name in proposal planning.

“I really want M Proposals to be a well-known proposal company in the Philippines,” Ms. Alcordo said.

Beyond individual success, her vision extends to a collaborative network where proposal planners share creativity and craft unique experiences.

“Even if we are the first, definitely, I feel like we can have a network of proposal planners where we can help each other, but we will be top of mind when it comes to proposal planning. With all the clients that we’ll have, we can provide them with creativity, and the unique and unforgettable experience that they would like to have,” she said.

For Ms. Alcordo, her entrepreneurial journey embodies the essence of her business — unique, creative, and passionately driven.

“The good thing about this is the anticipation of surprises and having the privilege to listen to all of our clients’ love stories and make the most out of those stories to create unforgettable memories,” she said.

“Even if I’m working, it feels like I’m not… For example, if I have a client and ask them what their love story is, that’s the most precious part of my work.” — with Aaron Michael C. Sy